How To Use The Services How To Use The Services

In this Discreet Exclusive Club we try and put together like-minded people. With discretion and security in mind we give you two methods of contact.

The Personal Answering Service: A secure and private voice mail service that enables you to leave and receive voice messages from other club members

The Virtual Chat Service: In real time you can exchange voice messages with members in a secure environment (you can chat to one or more members at once).

Please Note: As with all introduction services and clubs there are no guarantees, we cannot guarantee any success and we cannot force any member to reply to either a personal message or in the chat room. We are only here to provide a secure and discreet method of communication between like - minded members. Obviously there is a financial implication to using these services so please take note of any call cost warnings and written information regarding the charges.


  1. How to use the 09066 PAM service
  2. Registering and creating an account
  3. Prices and tokens
  4. Spending tokens
    1. Private Messages
    2. Virtual Gifts

How to make contact with members on

09066 PAM (Personal Answering Machine) Service

It may seem somewhat long winded and difficult but the service is, in fact, very simple to use. You will also be prompted as to what to do, all the way through the service. This is for 09066 callers.


There are two ways in which you can do this. You will need to do the first way before you can do the second.

After the members’ intro you will get options - Please Press 1 to hear the Club members message, after which you can leave them a message for the first time, or press 2 If you want to check if you have any replies to collect from this club member. Press 3 to here information about this service.

One – You will need to listen to the members main message after which you will get 3 options - To listen to the message again press 1, press 2 for further information regarding the service or press any other key to continue. Once you have pressed any key you will then be issued a 5 digit PIN. No one else can access your replies. You are the only person who will know this number, so if it is lost, or forgotten, we will not be able to replace it. A PIN is specific to a Club member i.e. for each member you leave a message for you will have a different PIN, 3 members = 3 PINs Messages (except saved messages) will only be kept for 14 days. You are given a chance to hear your PIN again.

Then you are prompted to leave a message, after you have recorded it you press the hash key to finish then you will be give 3 options - Press 1 to listen to the message you have just recorded, Press 2 to re record the message or Press 3 to send your message.


After you have sent your initial message to a member, call back on the same number and this time press 2 at the initial options.

You will then be asked to enter your PIN.

Firstly, you will hear the total number of messages that have been left for you, the service will then play each message, to you, in turn. After a message has been played to you, you will then hear another recorded script which will give you the following options:-

To listen to the message again, please press 1, to send a reply to this message press 2, to save this message press 3, to delete this message press 4, or press any other key to return to the main menu

You will then be asked if you want to hear any of your saved messages.

If you have no messages left for you, you will be given the chance to leave another message for the member if you wish.

Register and create an account

In order to use the enhanced member features such as Private Messages and Virtual Gifts, you will need to register and set up an account. THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE.

All you need to do is choose your username and password, and enter your e-mail address where you will receive your verification link. Your username will become your nickname in this exclusive members area. Your membership is free for life and you can come back any time you like and use it.

Once you login to your free account, you will be able to buy tokens and then exchange Private Messages with members and send Virtual Gifts.

Prices and tokens

Tokens are used for chat messages, Private messages and Virtual Gifts. You can purchase tokens in various pre-determined quantities. Then you can use these tokens to buy Chat message bundles or you chat straight away, send Private messages, send Virtual Gifts straight away.

Click on Purchase Tokens to see the available bundles.

Your credit card will be billed discreetly via PAYPAL or you can fund from an existing PAYPAL balance. To see the exact wording of what will appear on your credit card statement, please see our Billing Help page.

Spending Tokens

Once you have tokens in your account, you can spend them chatting You can buy Chat message bundles as well.

Private Messages

You can send PRIVATE messages to any member. These messages ARE private and only you and the member can see them. Your direct and personal contact with the member of your choice.

In your accounts page under ‘Private Messages’ you can see all the private messages you have sent and also any that are waiting for you.

A Private message costs 15 tokens.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts are what they say, it’s a way of sentiment without the actual physical item. Who doesn’t like to receive a gift, even if it’s a Virtual Gift?!! There are a range of Virtual Gifts to choose from, choose one or as many as you like, write a note and send. The Token value will be deducted from your Token account. Virtual Gifts cannot be reviewed or refunded.