Refund Policy Refund Policy

General information

Access and membership to this site is absolutely free.
The only time you will be charged is when you decide to purchase tokens.
All purchases are one-time charges, meaning you will never be charged again for the same purchase.
We do NOT use recurring charges or use other deceptive billing practices.
Since we have no paid memberships or subscriptions, there is never a need cancel your account. You will never be charged again.
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed..

Privacy and security

Your privacy and security are our top priorities.
We will never send anything to your postal mail address.
All transactions are handled by trusted third-party billing companies,
All transactions pass through secure servers utilizing 128-bit encryption.

Payment methods

Payment can be made using Paypal & most major credits cards (Mastercard, Visa etc, as well as debit cards) there maybe some we don’t accept.

Billing description

The wording that will appear on your credit card statement is Casual Encounters

Declined and pending transactions

In rare cases, when a credit card purchase is declined, you may still see a pending charge on your credit card balance for a few days. This pending charge will go away by itself and you will not be charged anything since the purchase was declined.
Here is the technical explanation...
This unusual situation may arise when your credit card bank approves the transaction but the payment processor still denies the transaction because, for example, the address you entered did not match the billing address or your CVV2 number was incorrect. In this case, the credit card puts a hold on the funds for up to 7 days, but since the payment processor declined the transaction, the funds will not be withdrawn.
The only way for the hold to be released early (before it goes away naturally in a few days) is for the payment processor to fax an authorization letter to the credit card bank, which they will not do because it is impractical. So please be patient and just wait the few days for the hold to be released.
Please understand that there is absolutely nothing we can do to help or speed up the process.


The prices you are charged for token packages are clearly posted and we never charge any additional fees.
However, in very rare cases, some customers have reported that the amount they see charged on their bank statement is slightly higher than the posted price.
This may be for one of the following reasons:
1. The higher price on the bank statement is the authorization and not the settled charge. Sometimes payment processors authorize cards for slightly more than the transaction amount but then the final settled charge shows up as the correct amount after a few days.
2. Some credit cards, and especially debit cards, may charge various additional transaction fees which show up as a higher transaction amount.
3. If you are outside of the United Kingdom or making a purchase in a currency other than GB Sterling, the payment processor may add a surcharge for the currency conversion. This is explained in more detail in the next section.

Privacy and security

All of our prices are set in GB Sterling.

Our payment processors use the current exchange rates to charge prices in other world currencies. These prices may change every day as the market exchange rate changes. The currency exchange rate offered by our payment processors will likely be slightly worse than the global market rate since that is how they charge a fee for the currency conversion.

We do not discriminate between countries and charge members from some countries more than others.

Refund policy

If you would like a refund, please Contact Support and we will do our best to help you.

Token refunds

We are able to issue token refunds for:
Technical problems (the site breaks and takes your tokens.)
We are NOT able to issue token refunds for:
Virtual Gifts (Virtual Gifts are gifts and cannot be reversed, just like in real life.)
Monetary refunds

If you have sufficient tokens in your account, we can refund any purchase back to your credit card.

Unauthorized refunds

If you contact the payment processor or credit card company directly and ask them for a refund, our system will automatically assume that the charge came from a stolen credit card and will therefore blacklist you from ever returning to our website.

If you would like a refund, please Contact Support and we will refund you ourselves.

Disputed charges and fraud

Any sort of disputed charge, charge-back, stop-payment, or anything else that prevents us from collecting the funds on a purchase that you made will be treated as fraud. Your account will be blacklisted and we will fight to the fullest extent of the law to collect the funds for our girls.
It is much easier to just Contact Support and ask for a refund.