How it works?


There are two methods in which you can do this but initially you will need to do the first way before you can use the second.

After the regulatory info and the members' introduction, you will get 2 options – “Please Press 1 to hear the Club members' message, after which you can leave them a message, or press 2 if you want to check if you have any replies to collect from this club member.”

2- INITIAL OR FIRST MESSAGE Option 1 – You will need to listen to the members main message after which you will get 3 options – “To listen to the message again press 1, press 2 for further information regarding the service or press any other key to continue.”

Once you have pressed 'any key' you will then be issued a 5 digit PIN. No one else can access your replies. You are the only person who will know this PIN number, so if it is lost, or forgotten, we will not be able to replace it and you will have to go through the process again. A PIN is specific to a Club member. You are given a chance to hear your PIN again.

Then you are prompted to leave a voice message, after you have recorded it, you press the 'hash' (#) key to finish then you will be give 3 options – “Press 1 to listen to the message you have just recorded, Press 2 to re record the message or Press 3 to send your message.” If you are happy with your message ……. just press 3

3. HOW TO LISTEN, REPLY & SAVE YOUR MESSAGES using Option 2 is outlined below

After you have sent your initial message to a member, call back on the same 09 number (each member has their own 09 number) and this time press 2 at the initial options.

You will then be asked to enter your PIN. A PIN is specific to a Club member and was given to you during the process of sending your first message.

Firstly, you will hear the total number of messages that have been left for you, the service will then play each message, to you, in turn. After a message has been played you will then hear another recorded script which will give you the following options:- “To listen to the message again, please press 1, to send a reply to this message press 2, to save this message press 3, to delete this message press 4, or press any other key to return to the main menu”

You will then be asked if you want to hear any of your saved messages.

If you have no messages left for you ……. you will be given the opportunity to leave another message for the member if you wish.

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